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Rebecca Clothey
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Rebecca Clothey is a doctoral candidate at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, in the Administrative and Policy Studies Department, Social and Comparative Analysis in Education Program, with an emphasis on International and Development in Education. She came to the department after several years of overseas work, which included teaching English in China, administering a Chinese language program in Beijing, China, and helping with the post-war reconstruction in Bosnia-Herzegovina. She also attended school in India in her youth. Rebecca's international experience led to a research interest in ethnic relations and state policy. Her dissertation looks at minority education policies in the Peoplešs Republic of China. She conducted research on this topic last year in China with support from a Fulbright Dissertation Fellowship. In addition to writing her dissertation, Rebecca is also presently teaching the course "Social Foundations of Education" to pre-service teachers. She expects to complete her doctorate in 2004.

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